Our Design Philosophy

Principal Interior Designer, John Pompeii, has lived a life long passion with design. He studied under Architectural Digest's legendary "Top 100" designer William Hodgins. Through years of experience and education at the Boston Architectural Center John helped many clients create their dream spaces. Establishing his own firm Pompeii Design Group in 2004, he works with craftsmen and design professionals to provide clients with a full breadth of creative skills, ideas and resources.

At Pompeii Design Group, we believe interior design is a collaborative process between client and the Interior Designer, as well as the architect, contractor and craftsman. Understanding a client's unique needs, desires and opinions is the first and most important consideration for a great Interior Designer. We incorporate a deep understanding of those needs within a solid interior design foundation. Combining these elements with function, form, individual details and a sense of fun is the formula for your successful interior design.

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